Online safety is more important than ever as the world is becoming increasingly connected via technology and the Internet.

Safer Internet Day is a global initiative that promotes responsible and secure internet and technology use. It’s celebrated every year on the 7th of February.

Businesses must prioritize protecting sensitive data and maintain investment in cybersecurity as the threat of cyber-attacks continues to grow. Cutting back on cybersecurity in a time of economic instability may seem like an easy way to save money, but this could have long-term effects on the reputation and financial stability of your organization.

The Safer Internet Day

Insafe, which grew out of the EU SafeBorders Project in 2004, has taken the initiative to heart and it is now widely celebrated in more than 180 countries.

Safer Internet Day’s primary goal is to increase awareness of the dangers and risks that can be associated with online use, and to encourage individuals and organizations to take proactive steps to ensure their safety and security.

Anthony DiBello is Vice President for Strategic Development at OpenText. He warns organizations that, in the face of an impending global economic recession and budget restrictions, they may feel compelled to reduce their cybersecurity expenditures. He warns, however, that cutting back on cybersecurity spending could have grave implications for their digital infrastructure’s overall security and stability.

Many organisations, with a global economic recession and budgetary restrictions looming, will be tempted by the temptation to cut their cybersecurity expenditure and consolidate how many cybersecurity vendors they work with. Now is not the right time to slow down when it comes cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are intensifying their search for weaknesses in organizations, and the ones who get hit will suffer. It’s not necessary to read the news to know that cybercriminals have become more sophisticated and tactical in their tactics.

It’s hard for consumers to protect themselves, and it isn’t always easy to recognize potential threats. This puts a lot of pressure on regulators and companies to do everything possible to combat these issues.

Businesses are adapting to the new environment, but even a small crack in the cybersecurity strategy could be harmful for the organization and its employees. Cyber resilience should be built into every aspect of the organisation, and be considered in all decisions. This year, security leaders will face a unique challenge in securing both the physical and digital supply chains as well as critical infrastructure.

“Investing the right tools and service is important, but is not enough by itself. Cybersecurity is no longer the sole responsibility of CSOs or security teams. To make the internet safer, everyone is responsible. All staff, from the frontline to the C-suite, need to be trained on the latest cyber threats as they develop so that they can act in the first line of defense. Safer Internet Day is a reminder that in order to stay safe, you must be secure.”