Aerologix, a drone technology startup in Australia, has announced that it will be expanding its international operations by launching its platform in New Zealand.

The platform will allow pilots to register via the Aerologix mobile or web app, available for iOS and Android.

The platform provides a variety of services including aerial footage, photos, and event marketing for social events. It also offers enterprise solutions, such as asset inspections and technical imaging needs, digital twins and terrain mapping.

This move is intended to tap into the growing demand in New Zealand for aerial capture services. The platform is a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses in New Zealand to acquire aerial capture services. Clients can search for pilots by location and experience.

Aerologix’s launch in New Zealand is its first step in international operations. It plans to expand into other countries in future. The company will become a leader in the drone services industry as the demand for 3D technology increases.

Aerologix, an Australian drone startup, was founded in 2019 by Rakesh Routhu and Tom Caska. Rakesh is a Qantas veteran pilot. The two founders, who met while studying for their MBAs, decided to create a platform which would allow pilots to connect with clients that needed aerial capture services.

Aerologix, since its founding in 2003, has grown significantly. It now boasts more than 10,000 pilots registered on its platform. Its ability to serve a wide range of industries such as surveying, infrastructures, renewable energy, telecommunications and construction is credited with the company’s success.

Aerologix, in addition to its partnerships such as Clean Up Australia has established itself as an enterprise solution provider for asset inspections as well as technical imaging needs. The platform provides a wide range of services including aerial footage, photos, and digital twins for marketing, social events, and other requirements.

Australian drone industry takes flight

Australia’s drone industry has grown rapidly in recent years and shows no sign of slowing. Drones are now a valuable tool for individuals and businesses in industries like agriculture, film, television, and infrastructure inspection.

In 2016, Australia’s government issued new regulations for drone use, making it easier to operate commercial drones by businesses and individuals. The Australian government has introduced new drone usage regulations in 2016, making it easier for businesses and individuals to operate commercial drones.

Australian startups are at the forefront of drone technology, providing a variety of services and technologies. According to market research, the drone industry will generate US$92.23m of revenue in 2023. This is expected to grow by 2.92 percent per year from 2023-2028. Australia will also grow in the industry, even though China is expected to generate the most revenue, US$1,394.00m, in 2023. Australians are expected to earn US$3.50 per person in 2023.

By 2028, the drone segment will also see a rise in volume. An estimated 190.30k units are expected. The industry is expected to grow by 7.6 percent in 2024. In 2023, it is estimated that each Australian will own an average of 0.01 drones. These figures show the increasing demand for drone technology. Both individuals and businesses are recognizing the benefits and the potential of using drones in various applications.

Tom Caska, CEO and Co-Founder of Aerologix, says, “Drone Photography has become a necessity for businesses in areas with large landscapes, as well as urban environments like New Zealand.” Aerologix gives pilots the chance to work on aerial photography projects in different sectors.

Rakesh Routhu, Aerologix’ COO and Co-Founder, said, “We look forward to welcoming New Zealand drone pilots to our award-winning platforms and apps for airspace and project information, which are currently used by Australian pilots every day.

Aerologix celebrates the launch of their platform in New Zealand with an exciting drone footage contest. The competition will run from April 17th through May 24th and offer a prize pool totaling NZD$5,000. Pilots are invited to show off their creativity and skills. Each week, the Aerologix app will announce a new theme. The judges will then select the best footage that meets all the criteria.