Theodore is a Sydney-based fashion and technology start-up that has achieved success by striking the right balance between traditional sales techniques and cutting-edge technology.

In their first year, the company generated a revenue of $1.74 Million. The annualized revenue of the company for the past six months was $4.5 million.

Timothy Aquino, the founder of Dynamic Business, spoke in a recent interview about his brand Theodore’s global growth by using a sophisticated digital mix.

Timothy attributes his success to two values: the ability to build genuine relationships with people by developing a curious and attentive relationship with customers, and the willingness to adapt to the changing times through the use of digital innovation.

In the digital world that is constantly changing, both customers and businesses are influenced by the latest technology and innovative shopping methods. This, in turn, has a profound impact on our lives. New technology has had a huge impact on businesses in the fashion industry.

Timothy stated that “While the need to remain one step ahead of today’s customer demands was certainly one of the main influences behind the founding of my AI-driven fashion menswear brand Theodore, we have remained strongly opposed in our belief of the value of conventional marketing techniques.”

Timothy explained that the first business period taught about networking and relationships. It began with the roots of the company. After high school I jumped into the fashion world, styling and tailoring for brands in Australia, Singapore, and New York.

The real lesson I learned from this job was how to build relationships.

He continued: “Each interaction, from the moment a customer entered the store to browse to the creativity and fun of styling to the intimacy and trust of fitting sessions gave me an opportunity to develop a relationship with my customers. These early experiences have shaped the Theodore brand and how we value in-person interactions for customer satisfaction.

Over more than a decade of experience in styling and fashion, our core mission was gradually developed. I have always been curious about fashion. I always felt the need to be different, whether it was by learning more about clients or changing trends and styles. It didn’t matter what brand I styled for or which talent I dressed, I soon realized that traditional styling techniques had a hard limit.

“Frustration and the need to change this led to a clear vision of a better way to acquire measurements, source outfits and tailor the perfect fit. This is exactly what Theodore do today.”

Timothy said, “I think technology is the heart of our business.” Our AI-powered Pocket Tailor App, an industry leader in integration, facilitates contactless measurement with the same level of accuracy guaranteed as a traditional experience. It is linked directly to our online store, which ensures a simple and streamlined user experience.

He said that the company uses organic and paid social amplification on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well as an EDM strategy, SEO and a thorough EDM to build new relationships and nurture customers.

This has allowed us to grow globally without boundaries. We use organic and paid social amplification on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, an EDM strategy and SEO to create new connections and nurture target customers.

Timothy emphasized that, despite digital marketing’s importance, it is crucial to create and nurture genuine personal connections.

“In contrast, creating and nurturing authentic in-person relationships is the crucial component of traditional marketing for the brand’s recipe. Our stylists travel across Australia all year to meet with customers in person through pop-ups. This provides real-time learnings and data to help us improve our Pocket Tailor technology.

Creator marketing is a natural extension of face-toface interactions. We believe that it has the same person-toperson engagement ethos, if you focus on finding creators who are right for our target audience. We look for names that have a real connection with their local communities in Australia. These communities have been supportive of our campaigns and have nurtured the unlimited power of word-of mouth.

The results of this delicate blend of traditional and contemporary marketing tactics are difficult to dispute – $7,000,000 in annualised revenue. The fundamentals of running a fashion company don’t alter, but the possibilities of modern technology have. “I can’t urge other business owners to look both backwards and ahead for solutions.”