Colour can be used to evoke feelings and associations among consumers.

No surprise, some of the world’s most successful brands have used this power to create instantly recognisable logos and colour schemes. Imagine McDonald’s red and yellow color scheme, Starbucks’ distinctive green and Ikea’s blue and yellow.

It’s important for brands in today’s competitive marketplace to stand out from their competition and have a positive impact on potential customers.

If you want to build a memorable brand, it’s important to choose the right colors. Bhavani, Creative Manager at Vista Australia offers valuable tips on how to achieve this.

Lee suggests that you start by understanding your target audience before designing your brand. What is the demographic you are trying to reach? What emotions and values do they associate with the industry or product you are selling?

You can select colors that resonate with your audience once you have a clear understanding of who you are.

Keep up with the latest colour trends

To keep your brand colors fresh and relevant, it’s important to keep up with the latest colour trends. You can get inspiration from colour trends and forecasts, like the colour of the season. Keep up with the latest fashion trends to create a modern and unique look for your brand.

Start with the Primary Colours

Colours like red, yellow, and blue are great colours to start with when creating a palette of colours that match your products or services. After choosing a base color, you can choose additional colours that complement it. These could be different shades or complementary colors. You could, for example, pair purple with yellow to create an eye-catching and bold branding scheme.

Focus on Your Color Goals

Specific colour goals can create a guide for your brand that will be easily recognizable both internally and by your customers. Brand guidelines help to ensure that all employees are on the same page. These guidelines may include specific shades of brand colours, how they are used across different mediums and other details related to branding.

Popular Brand Colours

Blue – Often associated as a sign of competence and reliability, blue is an excellent choice for companies in the finance industry or businesses that require a high degree of customer trust, such veterinary practices or medical practices.

Black – Black is often associated with strength, sophistication and tradition. It’s a great choice for fashion or retail businesses.

Red – Linked with love, danger and excitement, the color red can stimulate appetite. It is perfect for restaurants of all types.

Grey– Grey is the perfect colour to represent balance and neutrality. It’s also a great choice for professionals such as lawyers, financial planners and accountants.